so what do you do?

I believe everyone has a unique story to tell and my job is to tell that story through film, ill create a unique and emotive film to reflect who you are, i believe the work i do becomes more and more special over time,I believe as you grow together and the future generations come your film will become a treasured heirloom. 

will you travel anywhere? 

Umm...YES! no matter where I will get there!

do you only do weddings?

Weddings, elopements, couple shoots or any occasion you think is worth putting on film. i also have experience with brand films so if your own business needs a film to reflect your brand hit me up!

Why licensed music?

It would be a huge shame if you were to share your film online to your family and friends and then have it taken down due to licensing issues :( so i always use licensed music to ensure each film is unique to you and to make sure you can share it anywhere you want! 

can we arrange to meet up or skype?

We always want to meet you and get to know you so we feel skyping or meeting up is essential to creating a beautiful story that reflects who you are.

do you shoot every single weekend?

 Nope, I do a select number of shoots per year to make sure every film gets the time and care that it deserves! these films will be shown to yoiur grand kids one day so i dont want it to be a rush job!

can we arrange payment to work for us?

Weddings are crazy times and i understand if your budget is taking a hit! i usually require a 50% deposit to book your day but if this is difficult we can always work out an easier option.